For My Misses Who Are Feeling Burnt out – How I Re-lit My Hustle

For My Misses Who Are Feeling Burnt out – How I Re-lit My Hustle


So I am sitting at my desk listening to the rain fall, watching my cursor blink until my eyes burn. It’s the kind of grey Tuesday that pairs perfectly with the overall blah-ness still hanging over my head from the weekend. Today would be the perfect day to spend in bed, because frankly, ya girl is burnt the fuck out.

Thanks to social media, it’s no secret I’ve been going hard to turn my dreams into a reality. I’ve been putting in work 7 days a week for so long I’ve lost count. Between clocking overtime at my whack-ass 9-5, setting up photoshoots, promoting my new book, and working as a brand ambassador on the weekends, my life has room for very little play right now. Like, VERY little. But, in order to be great sacrifices must be made. . .

I’ve always viewed my ambition or my “hustle” as a good thing to have until about two months ago when I went to LA for the first time. And while I enjoyed my time there, I can still remember standing in the middle of my Air bnb on that first day and just feeling like, “Okay. I’m here. I made it. Now what?” Surely, there should be someone I should be calling or somewhere I had to be by a certain time. I felt uneasy and anxious at first, and it had nothing to do with the fact that I just traveled across the country by myself.

I’d just released book number four the day before I flew out. Technically I was on vacation, and I for damn sure earned it, but there I was feeling guilty about not being productive – even if only for a few days. For the first time in a long time I legit had nothing to do, and I didn’t know how to feel about it. What I will tell you though, is the peace I felt on the rooftop as the wind blew through my curls and the sun bronzed my skin was a feeling I hope to recapture next week. Lord knows I needed that.

Not that there is anything wrong with working hard. I just think it’s important to set limits and be selective. Lucky for me, I came home to more interviews and my very first hosting gig, but my time away taught me that I cannot take every opportunity presented to me – even though the do-it-all in me might want to. In order to keep making progress it is important that I take time for myself and rest. Coming home from LA helped me realize I can still find ways to get things done, and that it is okay to give my body/mind the time it needs to catch up.

What the Price of Instant Gratification Could Cost You

What the Price of Instant Gratification Could Cost You

I want what I want and I want it now! Sounds familiar right?


Waiting is hard, especially when we live in a culture that has been re-designed to fulfill our desires at the push of a button. But in the end, what are our wants really worth when we don’t work for them? And is instant gratification really a bad thing?

I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing, but I could sense this need for instant gratification slowly seeping into every aspect of my life, and not just online. Perhaps you have yet to notice, but the evidence of short-term satisfaction is everywhere you look. From the way we shop down to the way we love one another, the beauty of social media is the ability to exchange ideas and opinions with the rest of the world; however, there is no denying the negative ways this tool has shaped our lives as Millennials. And while none of our needs are new, our expectation of what is ‘fast’ is 10x faster than our parents’. Because who has time to wait, when you have a million other things to get done?

More and more retailers are helping us not leave the house by offering same-day delivery. Bits and pieces of the daily news are sprinkled throughout hashtags and timelines as we bullshit through our workday. Quick fun has become more important than learning regardless of age. Practically every beauty product on the shelf claims to offer ‘instant’ results, even though 90% of their labels are nothing but lies. Excuses provide us with material things we don’t have the money to buy. And sadly, some of our closest relationships suffer when Facebook or Twitter is preferred over what could have been a five-second phone call.

Personally, I noticed this habit popping up most notably when dating. I had to check myself when I realized that as soon as I meet a guy I like, I become obsessed. He’s like my new favorite song and I can’t get enough of him. I’m clocking all his moves and interests online. I make an effort to talk to him damn near every day. But the problem with this is that by having these needs fulfilled so soon, actions lose value. I came to realize that I cannot place expectations on foundations that haven’t been built yet, or else my trust would crumble. So instead of day-dreaming about romance and what the future holds, I am allowing the person I am interested in to meet me there. As time goes on, even the smallest gestures will mean SO much more.

So while instant gratification can serve as a great source of motivation, my point is it can also hinder us from what it is we really want, ultimately leaving us unsatisfied. I also think that most of us treat the future like a myth until we wake up the next day, which is why it is so important to practice self-control and accountability before you are faced with long-term consequences. From now on, when I set my goals the first thing I look for is long-term value, without allowing short-term pain to distract me from my success. And while patience might be one virtue I have yet to fully grasp, I can’t let my need for instant gratification cost me something I can’t afford to lose – my future.

Bosses & Brunch

Bosses & Brunch

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Whether you are half-dead from a hangover, or if you simply woke up feeling fancy and fabulous, I think we can all agree Sundays are practically made for brunching. But if you are rolling out of bed before noon on the weekend then the food better be bomb. I mean, am I right or am I right?

In my never-ending search of good food and good company, I went on my first outing with the Detroit Dining Club this past weekend, and I can definitely say it won’t be my last. If you know me beyond social media, then you know that as skinny as I am, I LOVE food and I have no shame about it. I eat what I want, how much I want, when I feel like it. Diet for who? And for what? Yeah right!

Anyway, another thing I love to do is talk (if you couldn’t tell). I like getting to know new people and finding new ways to network so when I was scrolling Facebook and saw a post that captured damn near everything I loved most about life, you know I was down. I mean, with a name like Gold Cash Gold it’s hard not to be at least a little curious. . .


This past Sunday I, along with some of Detroit’s finest entrepreneurs, gathered at this self-described “Hill Country brasserie” to see how they stacked up against the ever-growing competition in the city. One thing I really liked was that GCG is housed in a vintage pawn shop, which only adds to its exclusive, hipster vibe without feeling overcrowded or too loud to hold a decent conversation. A major con for me, was the parking, but once my plate was in front of me I wasn’t even worried about possibly being towed. At Gold Cash Gold, they specialize in New American fare, but even my order of Two Eggs, which came with 2 eggs cooked to my liking, bacon or sausage and crispy potato, was a step up from your typical breakfast spot. My sunny-side-up eggs were cooked perfectly, and I actually had legit pieces of bacon instead of soggy slabs of fat and grease which was greatly appreciated. The potatoes had the perfect balance of flavor and texture. No wonder I ate the whole thing!

However, there was one part of my meal that stole the whole show and that was their Fresh Doughnut! Apparently, the flavor changes by the day, but I was blessed enough to try a Vanilla glaze, with butterscotch filling, and ginger snaps grumbled on top. OMG! After licking off all of the filling that covered my hands when I was done, I came to the conclusion that little fluffy thing was pure crack on a plate. No lie. I would even go so far as to say good food is a lot like good sex. Whenever you get a taste of something that good you still think about it from time to time. And even if you don’t agree, one thing is for sure, at Gold Cash Gold they know how to leave you wanting more.

Feel free to make your own reservations and explore their menu by visiting their website If you are in the Detroit area, I hope to see you at our next meet up! Otherwise, I highly encourage any foodies who love to network to seek out something similar in your area or start your own!