Bosses & Brunch

Bosses & Brunch

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Whether you are half-dead from a hangover, or if you simply woke up feeling fancy and fabulous, I think we can all agree Sundays are practically made for brunching. But if you are rolling out of bed before noon on the weekend then the food better be bomb. I mean, am I right or am I right?

In my never-ending search of good food and good company, I went on my first outing with the Detroit Dining Club this past weekend, and I can definitely say it won’t be my last. If you know me beyond social media, then you know that as skinny as I am, I LOVE food and I have no shame about it. I eat what I want, how much I want, when I feel like it. Diet for who? And for what? Yeah right!

Anyway, another thing I love to do is talk (if you couldn’t tell). I like getting to know new people and finding new ways to network so when I was scrolling Facebook and saw a post that captured damn near everything I loved most about life, you know I was down. I mean, with a name like Gold Cash Gold it’s hard not to be at least a little curious. . .


This past Sunday I, along with some of Detroit’s finest entrepreneurs, gathered at this self-described “Hill Country brasserie” to see how they stacked up against the ever-growing competition in the city. One thing I really liked was that GCG is housed in a vintage pawn shop, which only adds to its exclusive, hipster vibe without feeling overcrowded or too loud to hold a decent conversation. A major con for me, was the parking, but once my plate was in front of me I wasn’t even worried about possibly being towed. At Gold Cash Gold, they specialize in New American fare, but even my order of Two Eggs, which came with 2 eggs cooked to my liking, bacon or sausage and crispy potato, was a step up from your typical breakfast spot. My sunny-side-up eggs were cooked perfectly, and I actually had legit pieces of bacon instead of soggy slabs of fat and grease which was greatly appreciated. The potatoes had the perfect balance of flavor and texture. No wonder I ate the whole thing!

However, there was one part of my meal that stole the whole show and that was their Fresh Doughnut! Apparently, the flavor changes by the day, but I was blessed enough to try a Vanilla glaze, with butterscotch filling, and ginger snaps grumbled on top. OMG! After licking off all of the filling that covered my hands when I was done, I came to the conclusion that little fluffy thing was pure crack on a plate. No lie. I would even go so far as to say good food is a lot like good sex. Whenever you get a taste of something that good you still think about it from time to time. And even if you don’t agree, one thing is for sure, at Gold Cash Gold they know how to leave you wanting more.

Feel free to make your own reservations and explore their menu by visiting their website If you are in the Detroit area, I hope to see you at our next meet up! Otherwise, I highly encourage any foodies who love to network to seek out something similar in your area or start your own!